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Are you an avid rider who frequents the the mountain bike trails of South Canterbury (Centennial Park, Raincliff etc.)? If so, we invite you to join the South Canterbury MTB and become a member of our club.

While the Timaru District Council currently permit us to construct and uphold trails on their land, this privilege is not guaranteed. By joining our club, you can lend your voice to the community and help secure long-term access to these trails.

As a member, you have the freedom to decide your level of involvement. While attending working bees and race events is not mandatory, your paid membership becomes a meaningful and appreciated contribution to the club. It demonstrates your support as someone who frequently or casually utilises the tracks. Your membership plays a vital role in sustaining and enhancing our beloved trail network.




This covers couples and their dependent children under the age of 18 living at the same address.

Annual membership runs from 1 January - 31 December

By becoming a member, you unlock several benefits within the SC MTB Club. These include a reduced entry fee for the Chocolate Fish Races and the chance to vie for the highly coveted annual Summer Series Chocolate Fish Race Trophy.

Your membership fee plays a crucial role in supporting various aspects of our club's operations. It contributes towards track development and maintenance, covering the costs associated with administrative tasks, and ensures our affiliation with MTBNZ (Mountain Bike New Zealand) as well as insurance fees.

Join us as a member and enjoy the perks while actively contributing to the growth and sustainability of our club.

Ready to join or renew your membership?

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